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We are a mother and son team who enjoy creating unique products.  Inspired by the limits of the machinery at hand in our manufactory – equipment that’s normally turning out something decidedly more industrial – we contrive a creation of a much different sort – ART.  Among our tools are a laser cutter, Bridgeport mill, metal brake, bead roller, and various cutters and saws.  What else can we make?  What other materials can we use?  For two mechanical engineers it’s an odd game, but one we are having a good time playing.  We’ve ramped the business up slowly (while one of us was finishing up a degree!) but with graduation just passed, we’re adding a few more trade shows to our schedule always eager, though, to head back to the workshop to do more creating.

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Basement Industry
In the early 18th century British farmers looking for something to do in the long winter months began a phenomenon that would transform average every day people into a world renowned industrial powerhouse even before the industrial revolution began. It was called Cottage Industry, thousands of families across Britain worked to create textiles and other good with their own tools in their own homes which were sold all over the world.

Today around the world Laser Cutters, CNC Machines, and 3D printers are creating another phenomenon, Basement Manufacturing. Average people are now able to create items in their basements that would have previously required hundreds of thousands of dollars of machinery and R&D. But more importantly this new generation of cottage industry is not only bringing jobs back to the United States, but back into communities.


In 2015 we moved out of our basement and into a larger dedicated space, but we are still committed to manufacturing in America and are proud to be a part of the basement manufacturing movement.